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A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, we celebrate our 250th episode with a random list of topics to chit chat about. This is us...doing what we do! Thanks for all your support, we look forward to producing another 250 shows for you to enjoy! 

This week, Alice Boll, from Scrap Happy, joins us with a report on the trade show for scrapbooking. Alice gives us insight on trends she spotted, new companies and old favorites. Join Alice and the lovely ladies of Scrap Happy for the upcoming LOAD (Layout a Day), beginning February 1, 2019. Every day in February, you'll be challenged to make a brand new layout and share your creation. Use the code SCRAPGALS10 to receive 10% off! Offer good through January 31. Visit to find out more. 

This week, in Tracie's absence, our friend, Vangie Romero, joins Tiffany to discuss a single girl scrapbooking in the big city. 

This week, we're interviewing Victoria Marie about her new studio space in her brand new home. She tells us how she got back to business so quickly after her move and how she got her studio space perfectly arranged. Thanks for subscribing to the Scrap Gals! For more information about Victoria Marie Design's, check out this link. 

This week, we continue our conversation on creative goals for 2019 with feedback from our listeners. We also discuss a list of fun ways to get your mojo going this year. Thanks for all your feedback on how our podcast has affected your creativity, we will continue to read your e-mails over the next few weeks! 

This week, we are discussing our 12 Creative Goals for 2019. We also chat about our OLW choices for 2019 and how/why we selected them. Hope you'll join us and make some creative goals of your own! 

This week, as a Christmas gift to all, we're airing a special FREE show all about who we are and what we do. This show will remain on our feed for those who are new to our show so if you'd like to tell a friend about us, feel free to share this episode. We hope you have a happy and blessed holiday season!  

243 - Holiday Check-In

This week, we're checking in on our crafty projects and discussing Ali Edwards' rad traveler's notebook she made for her trip to NYC. We have a lot to say about both topics! Happy holidays everyone - thank you for subscribing to our show! 

This week, Tracey Fox joins us to share the most popular trends in scrapbooking in 2018. This is one of our favorite shows of the year, we hope you enjoy it too! Check out Tracey on Instagram - @scrappylikeafox

This week, we share our lists as we spend an imaginary $100 to get a friend started scrapbooking! 

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