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This week, Jess Forster and Shannon Dombkowski join us to discuss our December Daily plans. Jess tells us all about #donebydecember and how it's helping crafters to complete their albums this year! Check out all the links we mention in our show notes, located on our bonus content page at the link given at the beginning of this show. 

In this special Halloween episode, we share our spookiest stories to entertain you and inspire you to write down your own! 

This week, we talk to Karen Munjak, Peggy Rochelle and Natalia Vivas about taking a break from scrapbooking and then getting back to it. We discuss why they quit and how they found the motivation to get started again! 

This week, our friends, Sharlene Bolz, Vangie Romero and Amy Sorensen, join us as we discuss our favorite projects we've ever made and how we can learn from them.

This week, we're discussing our new favorite way to scrapbook - in Storyline Chapters! We have a lot to say so this show is extra long! Enjoy and be sure to check our show notes for October for links to the designers and products we mention.

This week, Sara Preston of Scrappin' in the City, shares the devastating story of her scrapbook store flooding and how she turned the crisis around to make the store better than ever!! It's the great comeback of 2020 and we cannot wait for you to hear this tale! If you enjoy this show, we hope you'll subscribe to The Scrap Gals Podcast. Visit us at to learn more and be sure to visit Sara at!

All our stories matter but which one do we scrapbook next? Sometimes that’s hard to decide. This week, we discuss scrapbooking our own stories versus the stories of those we love. Our friend, Amy Sorensen, joins us to discuss finding a good balance.

This week, we discuss our favorite fall projects, pictures to take in fall 2020 and our favorite fall products! 

This week, our delightful friend, Marie-Pierre Capistran, joins us to discuss her desire to get back to scrapbooking after a three year hiatus! We help her strategize and develop a plan and discover what's most important to her now. 

Tiff's on her own for this week's make-up show; somehow she managed to talk to herself for a whole hour! Check out that one-sided convo to see what's new. She says she just pretended that y'all were on the phone with her while she recorded it. Haha!

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