The Scrap Gals Podcast

A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, Tazhiana Gordon shares her enthusiasm for scrapbooking with us!! If you haven't felt excited about scrapbooking in a while, you hopefully will after listening to Tazhi talk! Be sure to check out her work on Ali Edwards' Creative Team and on her Instagram. 

This week, we're talking to Shannon Dombkowski about her scrappiness. We're so thankful Shannon is back to creating after selling her stash and taking a four year break! She tells us all about that in this episode!

This week, Lauren Hinds aka Craft Some Joy joins us to discuss classic, traditional scrapbooking. She shares great tips for productivity and design. Be sure to visit her YouTube channel called Craft Some Joy and

This week, six friends join us to tell about something unexpected they've done with their scrapbooking! 

This week, Nicole Gallagher tells us all about her scrapbooking and her new SCRAP SHED! So exciting! Be sure to check out her fun album she made during LOAD at this link.

This week, we read comments from our group about breaking the rules in scrapbooking and we respond in hilarious fashion (as always). 

This week, Jessica Upton joins us to discuss ideas for making your scrapbooking interactive! Be sure to print our tip sheet AND check out our show notes for lots of links to fun ideas. Both are located on our February bonus content page.

This week, we discuss our list of scrappy nagging to-do's and how we plan to tackle them. We share a worksheet to walk you through identifying your own list of nagging to-do's so we hope you'll check that out on our February bonus content page!

This week, we talk about how to recapture your love affair with memory keeping. Alison Jones, of Creative Geek Designs, joins us with her ideas and for a fun announcement about how we are partnering with her for bonus content for YOU! Enjoy!

This week, we discuss our scrappy plans for 2020 and hear all about Tiffany's dating album and the status of her love life. ha! Look for some Valentine snarky cards this Wednesday for our first round of February bonus content. Link is given at the beginning of this show! Thanks for subscribing - we appreciate you!

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