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A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, we talk to two of our listeners, Shey Shelton and Allison Wainwright, about scrapbooking in Australia. They share their experience with shopping, studio space, story telling, spelling issues and more. Turns out, things aren't all that different on the other side of the world, after all! We loved hearing about their scrapbooking and we think you will too! Check out our new Instagram feed at this link... We post weekly clips of the show so you can share it with someone who is not a member. Thanks so much for subscribing to The Scrap Gals Podcast!

This week, we play a Q&A game with our 2018 Nashville Retreat attendees! We hope you enjoy hearing this live recording.

227 - Old School Cool

This week, the adorable Elaine Bisdorf joins us to discuss products and tools from our scrappy past. Some we still use, some we have tossed, sold or otherwise removed from our presence. We have a blast walking down memory lane with Elaine! As we mentioned at the end of the show, be sure to check out the Creative Team Call and Print & Snip Shop at! 

This week, our friends, Alison Girling of Wild Hare Kits and Nancy Walker, join us to discuss the ins and outs of double page design. We will likely continue this conversation with this fun duo in a new show soon so join in the conversation about it in our community on Facebook and let us know what else we should discuss. Check out The Wild Hare Kits at this link...

This week, Tracey Fox, Kate McCullough and Mel Davis join us to discuss Scrappy Christmas in July. Follow along with us in the latter part of the show by visiting this link... Thanks to everyone in the SCIJ community for your contributions of creativty and thanks to you, our listeners, for subscribing to The Scrap Gals Podcast! 

This week, we continue our thoughts on stamping with our guests Victoria Marie and Sarah Devendorf. We share 30+ tips for stamping and laugh a lot along the way! Be sure to check our Victoria's class at Thank you so much for subscribing to The Scrap Gals Podcast! If you're experiencing any technical difficulties whatsoever, please report them to us at

This week, our friends, Victoria Marie and Sarah Devendorf, join us to discuss all things stamping! We had so much to say we talked for two hours so tune in next week for part two of this conversation! Check out Victoria’s class, Stamping Like a Boss, at this link...

222 - The Quiz Show

This week, we're blending a show from our studio and a show from our Seattle Retreat! We answer a series of questions and then our retreat attendees give us their answers to the same questions! There was excitement in the air at the Seattle Retreat and you can hear it in this show!

Thanks to the following list of ladies for being on this episode: Chantal, Charlotte, Andrea, Susan, Barb, Jennifer, Alice, Tosha, Sandy B., Merrick, Beth, Jen C., Kelly, Bonnie, Ann, Danielle, Laura, Sandy C., Angie, Mikki, Claire, Liz, Anne, France, Leigh Ann, Lisa and Georganne! A special thanks to all our Seattle Retreat attendees and to YOU, our subscribers! We appreciate your support!

BONUS EPISODE: To thank our subscribers, we're airing this special bonus episode! In this episode, we share some ideas for photos we want to take during the last six weeks of summer. The Instagrammers mentioned in this episode are Jackie Greaney, Stacie Flinner and Dani Sauter. Thank you for subscribing and listening to The Scrap Gals Podcast. 

PLEASE NOTE: Next week's show will be recorded during our Seattle retreat. The show will need to be edited in our studio before airing, therefore it will be posted a bit later in the week (Wednesday or Thursday). 

WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS A TINY BIT OF MATURE MATERIAL. This week, we're discussing Tiffany's adventures in Portland, Oregon. From Voodoo Donuts to seeing The Great Wall of Washi, Tiffany's exploits make for a very funny tale! 

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