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A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, pro-organizer Jill Polanycia joins us with twelve tips to help you get your stash super organized before the new year's here! Be sure to print her tip sheet, available now on our December content page (link at beginning of show). 

Announcement 12/10

This week, we're sharing 40 ideas for holiday photos! If you like a silly show, this is it. Next week, join us for tips from a pro organizer! Hope you're having a happy holiday season! 

292 - Cozy at Home

This week, we share a list of 20 ways to document being cozy at home. Find a printable list on our November bonus content page, along with Thanksgiving cards to share with your friends and fam AND this month's round of Story Snark!

This week, we continue our conversation with Amy Gretchen, Amy Jo Vanden brink and Marisol Benitez AND we discuss our own plans for December Daily. Be sure to check out the bonus worksheet for this episode AND Tiff's hilariously long list of story ideas: now available on our November bonus content page. 

This week, Amy Gretchen, Amy Jo Vanden brink and Marisol Benitez join us to discuss December Daily! Join us for Part 2 of this show next week, to hear more conversation with our guests and to hear all about our plans for this project. Thanks for subscribing!

289 - Off the Cuff

This week, we're having a raw and (somewhat) unedited conversation sparked by posts in our group. This week's bonus content will be posted later this week so watch for that at the link given in the show. Thanks for subscribing to The Scrap Gals Podcast.

This week, three friends took on a challenge with us! Bob Farrell, Heather Cooper and Alison Horn all agreed to join us in using our printable worksheet to help us find time to be creative. In this show, we discuss our results and how it led to our collective creativity. Print the worksheet we used and try it yourself! Available now on our October bonus content page. 

This week, the incredibly talented and kind, Leigh Ann Odinski aka Artful Leigh joins us with a list of 30 ways you can create mixed media backgrounds. We have links to all the products she mentions and her list of ideas available for you in a printable challenge tip sheet guessed it....our October bonus content page. Link is given at the beginning and end of this week's show. Enjoy! 

Here's a short, free episode, featuring Sara from with her favorite holiday product picks! Be sure to check out our product links page at and use SCRAPGALS15 for 15% off your entire order! 

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