The Scrap Gals Podcast

A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, we continue our discussion on why we scrapbook and we check in with you, our listeners, on YOUR reasons why. Thanks for listening everyone! 

This week, five of our listeners join us to discuss the myriad of reasons why we take time to scrapbook. Thanks to Heather Leferink, Bridget Schinnerer, Deanna Munger, Sarah Devendorf and Charlotte Smith for sharing your stories. We hope you'll join us next week for Part 2 of this thoughtful conversation! 

This week, Tori Bissell joins us to chat about taking a photo inventory. Since our photos are an important element of our memory-keeping, reflection on our choices is also important. What photos are you already taking? Where do photo gaps exist? We address these questions and more in this week’s show. — Tiffany 

Join us this week as Tracie and I chitchat about hot topics from our group and on our minds. If last week’s show was a bit too deep and cerebral for you, then I think you’ll enjoy this lighthearted chat between friends. Come on over and hang out with us, y’all! — Tiffany 

This week, we discuss an idea posted in our group by Tiffany Wacaser. She and Tosha DelJanovan join us to talk about memories, stories, subjectivity and objectivity. This is a thought provoking episode that truly inspired us. We hope you'll feel the same! 

251 - Game Changers

This week, Heather Cooper, Debbie Behling and Iris Fox join us to discuss techniques, processes and mindset shifts that have been absolute game changers for our crafting. We'll start a thread in our group so you can let us know what a game changer has been for YOU! Thanks for listening! 

This week, we celebrate our 250th episode with a random list of topics to chit chat about. This is us...doing what we do! Thanks for all your support, we look forward to producing another 250 shows for you to enjoy! 

This week, Alice Boll, from Scrap Happy, joins us with a report on the trade show for scrapbooking. Alice gives us insight on trends she spotted, new companies and old favorites. Join Alice and the lovely ladies of Scrap Happy for the upcoming LOAD (Layout a Day), beginning February 1, 2019. Every day in February, you'll be challenged to make a brand new layout and share your creation. Use the code SCRAPGALS10 to receive 10% off! Offer good through January 31. Visit to find out more. 

This week, in Tracie's absence, our friend, Vangie Romero, joins Tiffany to discuss a single girl scrapbooking in the big city. 

This week, we're interviewing Victoria Marie about her new studio space in her brand new home. She tells us how she got back to business so quickly after her move and how she got her studio space perfectly arranged. Thanks for subscribing to the Scrap Gals! For more information about Victoria Marie Design's, check out this link. 

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