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A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, Shannan Manton and Krystal Becker, join us to discuss scrapbooking in 6x8. We'll also hear from Allison Wainwright, who could not be with us in the show but answered some interview questions for us, in writing. We have loads of fun bonus content for you, now available at our September page. Link is at the beginning and end of this show! 

280 - School Days

This week, we're traveling down memory lane to recall our school days. We hope our stories spark memories you are inspired to document and to help you do that, visit our September bonus content page for a printable guide! 

If you're still struggling to access our bonus content, here's all you need to know (hopefully!). Message us if you need a direct link. 

This week, we dive deep into a conversation about getting ourselves in the picture. We pose this question to you...when you look over your scrapbooks, are you represented? Our friends, Tiffany Wacaser and Lisa Varshine, join us to discuss this important topic. 

This week, Laura Rahel Crosby and Kake Sanchez join us to discuss scrapbooking our pets!!

This week, Kaitlin O'Connell aka @hellolovelylife shares her plan for getting the most important stories of her year documented. She explains how having a structured plan for the big picture of her scrapbooking leads to freedom and happiness in her memory keeping crafty time. This is a thought provoking show that really made us think! Be sure to check out Tiffany's exclusive follow-up video on our August bonus content page. We also have a new "show notes" page there with links to people and mentions in our August shows.

This week, we share stories of our summer memories and favorite things about summer, in hopes that we spark your memories and inspire you to tell your own summer stories. To help you do so, we have a Summer Memories Worksheet available for you on our August 2019 Bonus Content Page, plus, 16 new digital elements for you to print and scrapbook with! We hope you'll check it out, this month's web address is at the end of this show. 

This week, we're sharing what's inspiring us RIGHT NOW! Links to all our faves on our July Bonus Content page (listen at the end of the show for the URL). We hope you are having a crafty, fun week! 

If you have been thinking about scrapbooking, planning a project or just procrastinating creativity - this is the show for you! This week, three of our listeners join us to share advice on how to get your projects done. We've compiled our tips into a printable worksheet for you, available on our July 2019 bonus content page. We also have a fun sketch there based on the beautiful work of our friend, Tracey Fox. Be sure to check it out and if you make a page and post it, please tag #scrappylikeafox and #scrapgals.

(Please note: due to a storm, we experienced some technical difficulties in this taping, we apologize for the sound issues.) 

This week, three of our listeners join us to discuss common misconceptions about scrapbookers and scrapbooking. This is a light-hearted, fun show and we hope it entertains you. Thanks to Judy Mason, Kari Hammond and Lynette Cowherd for being our guests!

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