The Scrap Gals Podcast

A weekly show covering a variety of topics related to scrapbooking, hosted by Tiffany Lowder and Tracie Claiborne.

This week, we're giving YOU advice on a variety of topics that many of us find ourselves needing help with. Thanks for listening everyone! 

This week, we're diving deep into the phrase, "tell your own story." We'll explain why (for us) the meaning is much broader than some might think. We also share some examples of layouts we've created that helped us accomplish our goal of including ourselves in our scrapbooking and the documentation of our lives. Thanks to all our subscribers!! We appreciate you!

This week, we're talking to the amazingly talented, Laura Wonsik, about documenting her new baby. We also discuss Laura's focused approach to scrapbooking using Ali Edwards' Story Kits, her thoughts on the big picture of her scrapbooking and what she plans to do with the 100 scrapbooks she will one day inherit from her in-laws. Thank you for listening to our show!!  

This week, Tiffany tells us all about her recent trip to Las Vegas and how she plans to document it. Plus, we give you all the details about our Scrap Gals Cruise 2020! It's gonna be awesome and we hope you'll join us! 

This week, we talk to Heather Leferink about how overwhelming all the options for scrapbooking can be. Tiffany offers wise advice (as always) and Tracie relates to Heather's angst about all the choices available to us in our hobby. We hope you'll be inspired and entertained as we share our perspectives. Thanks for subscribing and listening to The Scrap Gals!

This week, we examine an issue that plagues most scrapbookers - guilt. We discuss why we feel guilty, the things we say to ourselves that lead to guilt and we offer practical solutions to letting the guilt go. Thanks for subscribing and listening to our show! 

This week, we continue our discussion on why we scrapbook and we check in with you, our listeners, on YOUR reasons why. Thanks for listening everyone! 

This week, five of our listeners join us to discuss the myriad of reasons why we take time to scrapbook. Thanks to Heather Leferink, Bridget Schinnerer, Deanna Munger, Sarah Devendorf and Charlotte Smith for sharing your stories. We hope you'll join us next week for Part 2 of this thoughtful conversation! 

This week, Tori Bissell joins us to chat about taking a photo inventory. Since our photos are an important element of our memory-keeping, reflection on our choices is also important. What photos are you already taking? Where do photo gaps exist? We address these questions and more in this week’s show. — Tiffany 

Join us this week as Tracie and I chitchat about hot topics from our group and on our minds. If last week’s show was a bit too deep and cerebral for you, then I think you’ll enjoy this lighthearted chat between friends. Come on over and hang out with us, y’all! — Tiffany 

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